My research topics are applying machine learning methods for fluid simulation & video generation. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student in Nils Thuerey‘s group, at Technical University of Munich. I received my M.Eng. degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China in June 2017.

Publication [Google Scholar]

  • Y. Xie and N. Thuerey, “Reviving Autoencoder Pretraining”, Neural Computing and Applications, 2022.☛ [Project]
  • Y. Xie, H. Mao, A. Yao, and N. Thuerey, “TemporalUV: Capturing Loose Clothing with Temporally Coherent UV Coordinates”, CVPR 2022.☛ [Project]

  • Z. Yu, L. Yang, Y. Xie, P. Chen, and A. Yao, “UV-Based 3D Hand-Object Reconstruction with Grasp Optimization“, BMVC 2022 (Spotlight).
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  • Y. Xie* , E. Franz* and M. Chu* and N. Thuerey, “tempoGAN: A Temporally Coherent, Volumetric GAN for Super-resolution Fluid Flow”, SIGGRAPH 2018, (*Similar contributions)☛ [Project]


  • You Xie, “FMI-Based Co-simulation and Parameter Optimization”, M.Eng. Thesis, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, May 2017. (Chinese)


    • Summer 2019: Seminar – Deep Learning in Computer Graphics
    • Winter 2018/19: Game Physics, Exercise part

Bachelor’s / Master’s Theses

If you’re interested in a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis related to my work, please contact me.


E-mail: you.xie (at) tum (dot) de
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