We typically organize and teach the following courses:

  • Game Physics (IN0037) – this course gives a basic introduction into numerical simulations for physics simulations. It targets Lagrangian methods such as mass-spring systems, rigid bodies, and particle-based liquids. (WS, Bachelor)
  • Deep Learning and Numerical Simulations (IN2298) – this course is a follow up to “Game Physics”. It extends the simulations to more accurate Eulerian methods, and explains how to combine them with state-of-the-art deep learning techniques (convolutional neural networks, in particular). (SS, Master)
  • Computer Games Laboratory – this is a practical course to develop full game projects within smaller teams. The projects follow a milestone-based development process over the course of the semester. (WS & SS, Games Engineering Master)
  • Deep Learning in Computer Graphics Seminar – this seminar covers recent developments and research topics from the area of deep learning techniques in the area of computer graphics. (WS & SS, Bachelor / Master)

We are part of the organisational unit “I15” in Informatics. Thus, all our lectures and seminars are listed there. Below you can find links to the individual summer / winter semesters.

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