The Computer Games Laboratory is a practical course to develop full game projects within smaller teams. It is jointly organized with the group of Ruediger Westermann. In the summer semester Prof. Thuerey supervises the lab, while Prof. Westermann organizes the winter semester. Details can be found on our joint teaching website. If you want to participate, it’s especially important to attend the kick-off meeting listed on the course website.

The projects follow a milestone-based development process over the course of the semester. Over the course of many years, a series of very impressive and creative game projects have been developed by the TUM games engineering students. Below you can find a list of links to the game lab instances from previous semesters. For each project, you’ll find a wiki page where game design documents, artwork and videos for each game project were collected.

Summerterm 2022

Summerterm 2021

Summerterm 2020

– Callstack Overflow
– Terrafarm

Summerterm 2019

– Almost Intelligent Machines
– P. A. U. L.
– Team Rocket
– Neural Notwork

Summerterm 2018

– Crusaders of Light: Dark Dimensions
– Shadow Walker: The Umbra Project
– Artista (in collaboration with MDH)

Winterterm 2017/2018

 A Tiny Crisis in Space
 Blood Invaders (Team MOSH)
 Hikari no Tō
–  Caviators

Summerterm 2017

 Ready Steady Die
 Solve’n Slide
 Wub Wub Arena

Winterterm 2016/2017

 Ozapft is
 Pandemia Munich
 The Red Line
 Unsolved : Hinterkaifeck

Summerterm 2016

 Lumen Force
 Ar ‘n’ Dungeon

Winterterm 2015/2016

 The Last Men
 Eddy Flux
 Stickmen Frenzy

Summerterm 2015

 Broken Shard
 Into Darkness
 Super Rapid Pace Race: Space
 Illegal Alien
 Crayon Rebel