Our paper on volumetric reconstructions of real world smoke flows (“fog”, to be precise) got accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia. Yay! This ScalarFlow dataset is a first one to collect a large number of space-time volumes of complex fluid flow effects. We hope it will be very useful in Navier-Stokes and CFD solvers and deep learning methods. We’re still busy preparing the final data set and source code, but in the meantime you can enjoy the paper preprint and the video.

Full Paper Abstract:
In this paper, we present ScalarFlow, a first large-scale data set of reconstructions of real-world smoke plumes. In addition, we propose a framework for accurate physics-based reconstructions from a small number of video streams. Central components of our framework are a novel estimation of unseen inflow regions and an efficient optimization scheme constrained by a simulation to capture real-world fluids. Our data set includes a large number of complex natural buoyancy-driven flows. The flows transition to turbulence and contain observable scalar transport processes. As such, the ScalarFlow data set is tailored towards computer graphics, vision, and learning applications. The published data set will contain volumetric reconstructions of velocity and density as well as the corresponding input image sequences with calibration data, code, and instructions how to reproduce the commodity hardware capture setup. We further demonstrate one of the many potential applications: a first perceptual evaluation study, which reveals that the complexity of the reconstructed flows would require large simulation resolutions for regular solvers in order to recreate at least parts of the natural complexity contained in the captured data.