The source code for our tempoGAN project, which aims for super-resolution inference of Navier-Stokes transport phenomena (such as smoke clouds) is online now at:

It comes with a readme, data generation scripts, and should give an easy starting point for training generative adversarial nets for fluids. If you try it, let us know how it works!

Project page

Here’s again the full abstract of the paper: We propose a temporally coherent generative model addressing the super-resolution problem for fluid flows. Our work represents the first approach to synthesize four-dimensional physics fields with neural networks. Based on a conditional generative adversarial network that is designed for the inference of three-dimensional volumetric data, our model generates consistent and detailed results by using a novel temporal discriminator, in addition to the commonly used spatial one. Our experiments show that the generator is able to infer more realistic high-resolution details by using additional physical quantities, such as low-resolution velocities or vorticities. Besides improvements in the training process and in the generated outputs, these inputs offer means for artistic control as well. We additionally employ a physics-aware data augmentation step, which is crucial to avoid overfitting and to reduce memory requirements. In this way, our network learns to generate advected quantities with highly detailed, realistic, and temporally coherent features. Our method works instantaneously, using only a single time-step of low-resolution fluid data. We demonstrate the abilities of our method using a variety of complex inputs and applications in two and three dimensions.