The new version of mantaflow is online! mantaflow is our open-source framework targeted at fluid simulation research in Computer Graphics. We’re especially working on making mantaflow a convenient platform for fluids and deep learning. The new release contains a first set of tools and examples to get started. We will post more in-depths tutorials here in the coming weeks.

In addition, the new release supports surface tension forces, e.g., for simulating small droplets, and a viscosity solve for thicker materials and physically more accurate simulations. The fast multigrid solver is another highlight. It allows for efficient calculations of large-scale effects.

Here’s an incomplete feature list:

  • multigrid-preconditioned solver
  • Eulerian simulation using MAC Grids, PCG pressure solver and MacCormack advection
  • Flexible particle systems
  • FLIP simulations for liquids
  • Surface mesh tracking
  • Free surface simulations with levelsets, fast marching
  • Wavelet and surface turbulence
  • K-epsilon turbulence modeling and synthesis
  • Maya and Blender export for rendering
  • tensorflow couping via numpy arrays

Btw., mantaflow has been used in numerous publications! Among others:

Fig. 1: A few images of a controlled smoke simulation using the PD-guiding feature of mantaflow.